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Play TTRPG's Online!

Playing TTRPG's online is easier than ever! Battle Matrix was designed to feel like playing on a real tabletop, Battle Matrix is simple to use and perfect for adding a visual element to your online TTRPG experience.

Like a digital toy box, Battle Matrix comes with plenty of characters, mobs, and items to customize your encounter. Load a custom map to give your game even more flavor and excitement, or draw your own maps using tiles.

Perfect for streaming over apps like Discord, Battle Matrix is meant to be shared online. While TTRPG's are all about using your imagination, having a visual representation  makes the game more immersive.


  • Custom tile map editor
  • Selection of characters, mobs, and items for fantasy role-playing
  • Move characters in real-time
  • Save and load scenes on the fly
  • Load custom map images
  • Built-in dice roller
  • Fog of war effects


We created Battle Matrix to help with our own TTRPG sessions. With a group spread across three different time zones, it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Longing for the simplicity of in-person sessions, we built our own tool. 

For our games, we connect to a Discord server and voice chat. Our GM will share Battle Matrix and use it to coordinate the game. Our online tabletop sessions are better than ever.

How To Play

You'll need a program like Discord which allows you to share your screen and voice chat. Start Battle Matrix and share it with your players. Add characters, enemies, and maps to create a more immersive experience. 

Use our custom tools to act out battles and engagements. Add tokens and items to simulate the encounter.

Hot Key Commands:

Mouse Wheel -> Zoom Camera
Middle Mouse Button/Arrow Keys -> Pan Camera

Left Mouse: Paint tiles or place objects.
Right Mouse: Delete objects.

P : Tile Paint
Use the (=) and (-) keys to paint either single or multiple tiles, respectively. 
G : Glove Tool (Spacebar)
B : Box Select Tool
Z : Undo

If you have something selected with the box select tool, use the (=)  and (-) keys to increase or decrease its size. Alternatively, you can use the (i) and (u) keys for this.

Open images using the map icon and scale them to match the grid. Place tokens for the characters, enemies, traps, etc.


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Perfect for playing D & D over Discord! Makes it so easy