A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Baddest Rock Band in Turbo City

Battle your way through five levels of classic beat 'em up style gameplay featuring the worst that Turbo City's loony fighting gangs have to offer.

Turbo City better watch out! Villains beware.

The Mad Gear need your help to clear their name and save the mayor. Arrested under the false charge of kidnapping the mayor of Turbo City, The Mad Gear Gang of Tough Guys have no choice but to bust out and find the true culprit.

Team up with a friend and go head to head with a hilarious cast of villains rendered in bold pixel graphics. There's no shortage of explosions in this game either. Smash your way through five different gangs and face off with every gang boss.


Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, macOS



windows_64 113 MB
windows_32 112 MB
linux_64.zip 115 MB
linux_32.zip 114 MB
madgearmac.zip 126 MB
Go Right and Fight Manual.pdf 2 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files and run the executable. On linux, right click the .exe, choose properties, permissions and then check allow executing file as program.

Development log


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Since we "From Brawlers Avenue" notice you have a Gofundme We added your trailer to our channel.  "keep pushing for success"  :D 


Thank you for the support!

Did you guys read that message i left on go fundme.com?

Yes! Thanks you for the feedback. What we've talked about is basically doing a sequel, so pretty much what you suggested with a new look and new gameplay mechanics, a new story. The style is closer to something like Final Fight. We're in contact with an illustrator and there has been some conceptual stuff drawn up, but its still in the early stages as I am trying to wrap up another project.

Awesome to hear :D I hope it happens :D


Hello Brian Jar, We From Brawler Avenue have played and Uploaded your game on our channel.

Big Issues with the games.

- Control layout

I'm going to give you an example with the Xbox control.  The Punch or weak attack should always be X and Kick can either be either  Y or A. now if you want to keep them together always remember this: X upper body  and  A lower body. Now you guys have it backwards which yea I adapted to but I stand it IMO. Plus it helps with combos. 

That's the only thing I have an issue with the rest of the game is wonderful.  Keep up the good work.


Hey thanks for playing the game! That's a great video you made.  I appreciate what you had to say about the controls. I should have added some various controller layouts for the player to choose from.

Well you still can :)! I really hope you rebuild this game and release it for like steam n such :P I would sooo buy this game.


Not XP compatible :(

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No, sorry. But your post reminded me to add a compatibility list. so thank you.