A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Gaspard is a 2d side-stroller in the style of NES classics. Assuming the roles of a masked highwayman, the player must slash their way through dozens of worlds, slaying monsters and dodging traps in their quest for revenge. Take up your father's sword and fight!

This game was created for the Indie Bits game Jam, using the Godot Game engine. Other tools used include GIMP, Aseprite, and BFXR.net.


Left/Right -> Move
Up -> Open Door
Down -> Crouch

Z key/Gamepad Y/XBOX X -> Attack
Up/Gamepad B/XBOX A -> Jump
Space/Gamepad Start/XBOX Start -> Start

Install instructions


Run the Gaspard application by double clicking the icon. If windows complains, just click the more info button and "run anyway."


Right click the file and select properties. At the top of window, choose the permissions tab. Click the check box next to "Allow executing file as program." Now you can run the game by double clicking the icon.


Gaspard.exe 32 MB
Gaspard 42 MB
Gaspard.zip 31 MB


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Awesome platformer.