The release of Caiden's Quest!

Brain Jar is pleased to announce the release of Caiden's Quest! This game has been in development for the better part of a year. After several weeks of vigorous testing, the project is finally ready for release. 

Caiden's Quest is a sequel to The Wizard's Labyrinth and while you won't be seeing David's return, you'll get to meet his protégé: Caiden. Through the course of the game you'll learn more about the world of the The Wizard's Labyrinth and even get a chance to return there near the game's end. But first you'll need to find the Toad King!

This is a game of skill. The design mantra was "easy to play but difficult to master." Good luck, you're going to need it!

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Version 4 Oct 22, 2020 65 MB
Version 4 Oct 22, 2020

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Will you be releasing Caiden's Quest on Steam as well...thank you in advance for your time and congrats on release!

Thank you! It's much appreciated. There was a lot of blood,  sweat and tears put into this game. There has definitely been some discussion about putting Caiden's Quest on Steam, but there is no plan to as of yet. We are big fans of Itch and what they have built. We hope you understand.